Welcome to Halcyon, welcome to a fresh new vision for Hypnotherapy and wellbeing in Sheffield.


Halcyon Hypnotherapy Wellbeing and Advanced Learning Sheffield are a team of highly specialised therapists.


We work as a team to offer you the best possible choice or combination of therapies  to ensure that you can leave us feeling a million dollars.

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Bespoke Hypnotherapy

The ability to communicate our desires to the subconscious are critical for happiness and wellbeing. Hypnotherapy lets you reprogram your mind by releasing negative programming and installing new more positive beliefs, behaviours and responses.

Reiki Healing and Rebalance

Reiki is the age old practice of energy manipulation for optimum wellbeing discover how reiki can help you here.


Discover Amy’s fantastic range of range holistic treatments. Hopi-ear candles, Acupressure, Reflexology, Massage, Aromatherapy and more…

Permanent cosmetics

Imagine the luxury of always waking up to beautifully shaped lips, defined eyes and perfect eyebrows. Whatever your lifestyle, permanent makeup is the solution to looking good and feeling great every day. Samantha is a true artist and her work speaks for itself. Take a look at her fantastic portfolio here.

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The day the pussy cat ROARED!!

That amazing feeling when a client's inner warrior is still a pussycat and they realise it's time to be a lion. Days like this remind you that Hypnotherapy and psychotherapy are literally life-changing and its an honour and a privilege to be a part of that. Discover...

Feb 2018

  This winter has been a period of big change for us at Halcyon. We have revamped our Stocksbridge clinic and given it the fresh green Halcyon splash of colour.   We welcome a new team member Jackie Frith who is brining in with her an amazing energy and drive, Jackie...

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