Halcyon hypnotherapy February 2018

Latest developments at Halcyon Hypnotherapy Sheffield


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This winter has been a period of big change for us at Halcyon. We have revamped our Stocksbridge clinic and given it the fresh green Halcyon splash of colour.


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We welcome a new team member Jackie Frith who is brining in with her an amazing energy and drive, Jackie is a Reiki master, angel card interpreter, crystal therapy practitioner and more…… she will be running workshops as well as formal training in these areas and we can’t wait. Our Hypnotherapist in training Rachel Mardlin completed her qualification and became a fully fledged member of our team. We attended Steve Miller’s Fatnosis conference in January and were blown away by what an amazing professional he is. We have learned loads and continue to forge strong links with Mr Miller.

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We have also take on  a new larger clinic in Sheffield at our city centre location in The Balance building. This will now allow us to offer more of our Holistic treatments right  in the heart of Sheffield. See our Holistics@halcyon page for more details or contact us now for further information. Hopi ear candle treatment



Charlotte has been busy offering GHR Acknowledged one to one Supervision and Group supervision to Hypnotherapists all over the country in person and via zoom. Plans to run our own CPD and training courses are being implemented as we speak so look out for forthcoming courses and practitioner training in self confidence building, law of attraction, Hypnotherapy, Reiki, Angel card readings, Dream interpretation, and more.

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All of this and it’s only February!!!! Keep your eyes peeled for all the latest info, find us on FB or subscribe to our blog to stay up to date and Happy February 2018 to you all xxxx

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