Dry January 2017

The new year heralds a time time to look forwards towards what the coming year has in store for us all.  Right off the bat, and to combat the festive over-indulgences we have Dry January and Love your Liver Awareness Month. This is very much a time for wiping the slate clean philosophically and metaphorically as well as in actual physical practice. Time to start anew. Time to become the person that you really aspire to be.

The focus this month is all about detoxing from the excesses of the Christmas period and along with the other usual suspects such a STOP SMOKING and LOSE WEIGHT, ALCOHOL DETOX is up there with the best of intentions.

Reasons to cut down on alcohol. You will save money, lose weight and boost your health as well as lessen the risk of antisocial or harmful, embarrassing  behaviour.

So give yourself a chance to heal, love your liver and give Dry January a go.

Understand the level of impact that drinking alcohol may have had upon your body. Discover for yourself how many calories and £’s you could save yourself by calculating your alcohol intake using Alcohol concern’s Alcohol impact calculator here.


dry january sheffield

If you’re feeling brave take the dry January challenge and go alcohol free for the month. If you are cutting down then give yourself a limit and stick to it. Enjoy the feelings of success and achievement when you become more in control of your drinking.

Focus on more positive pastimes. If you use alcohol to de-stress or as a reward after a long day at work or refereeing the kids then seek out and enjoy alternative methods. Meditation, massage, a relaxing spa inspired bath, taking up a new hobby or pastime to keep you occupied in the evenings can help to keep you from reaching for the booze.

Acknowledge the benefits. Notice the difference from waking up hungover to feeling fresh and productive in the mornings. Calculate how much cash you have saved and make a note of how much weight or inches you have lost. Not to mention better relationships, less risky or inappropriate behaviour and a month of not having to wake up regretting those drunken txts the morning after.

CELEBRATE YOUR SUCCESSES and feel proud of your achievement whether that’s cutting down or completing a challenge such as Dry January and let your hair down in a safe and healthy way.

Wishing you a happy and healthy 2017 from all of us at Halcyon Hypnotherapy and Advanced Learning.