Intuitive Guidance Readings

An Intuitive Guidance Reading with Jackie Frith can help you to understand how to start working with your Intuition and help you to gain clarity in your life. 

  • Do you Feel stuck in your life right now?
  • Are you Feeling a bit low?
  • Are you unsure which way your life is heading?
  • Do you have a decision to make but you are unsure of what direction to take?
  • Do you have an interest in Law of Attraction but no idea how to implement it into your life?
  • Are you interested in Angels?
  • Are you still holding on to past hurts that need releasing?

Reiki Master and Teacher Benefits from an Intuitive Guidance Reading:

You will gain a positive understanding into how you can move forward in your life


You will come away with suggestions and recommendations on what books to read and exercises to complete to help you to start to embrace the Law of Attraction and start to live the life you deserve to have


You will gain clarity on the direction that your life is heading


You will have an understanding of which Angel can help you to grow spiritually

Intuitive Guidance Readings are offered at Halcyon Therapy Clinic in Sheffield City Centre on a Thursday and can be booked >>here<<

I had a reading with Jackie. Jackie is very professional, she delivered quickly and efficiently. Jackie brought some things up in the reading that I had been thinking about and allowed me a new level of clarity on some things that had been coming up for me. I’d highly recommend grabbing your reading with Jackie.

Emma Holmes

Owner, Rebels and Rockstars

I started out with Jackie in 2014 – I was so stressed and unhappy! After meeting Jackie at a psychic fayre – she gave me a really intuitive reading- she also sorted out my anxiety and introduced me to Angels. I wasn’t sleeping and she took the time to calm me and send me away with healing strategies and advice.Jackie truly is inspirational.

Julie Bromilow


Never have I ever had a reading so accurate and on point. I pulled your reading apart and it’s as if my best friend has written it and put down all my deepest secrets and dreams which only she knows There was one part of my reading that I went ‘ha’ too then guess what…. yesterday that came real too!!!! I would highly recommend an Intuitive Guidance Reading with Jackie.

Steph Buxton

Owner, Brandar Services

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