Who has never had any regrets? Hindsight is a wonderful thing. It’s so easy to say what we would have, should have or could have done in a situation if only we had known what we know now. Dwelling on the past in a negative way only steals our happiness today. The truth is there is nothing that we could possibly have done differently. Our choices are based upon our experiences and knowledge up until that point.

Basic presupposition

The basic presuppositions are a belief system of Hypnotherapists and NLP practitioners which explain much of our Human behaviour and experience. Basic presupposition number 8 states that ”

“PEOPLE ARE ALWAYS MAKING THE BEST CHOICE(S) AVAILABLE TO THEM Which means that People always make the best choice based on what knowledge and emotional ability they had at that time.”

Which means that we could not have made a different decision because the decision that we DID make was the result of our experience up until that point.


Therefore it is vital that we forgive ourselves and others for even the most disastrous of choices. Also ensuring that we learn from mistakes allows us to grow and become stronger, more experienced and more capable so bring on the mistakes we say!!!!!