Roots in History

The Babylonians are believed to be the first to practice the custom of making new years resolutions in order to find favour with the Gods. Usually with an aim to get out of debt.

The Romans begun each year making promises to the God Janus.

Medieval Knights would reaffirm their vows of chivalry each Christmas time

Many Religions practice making promises to become a better person including Christians and Jews throughout the year.

Modern day resolutions range from self – improvement goals such as losing weight, getting fitter, or quitting an unhealthy habit like smoking – to spending more time helping others or making more of an impact in the community or the world as a whole.


Broken Resolutions

With a whopping 63% of resolutions being broken within the same 12 months its probably more surprising that people even bother to make (or remake) a resolution for the following year.

Length of time broken resolutions actually lasted
Less than a year
One month or less
Less than three months
Not even a month
Source: Bupa/ComRes (November 2015)


Sticking to Resolutions

  1. Whichever changes you decide to make the first stage is the LIST Make a list in the order of importance. Make sure that you set realistic goals for aims that are personally important to you this will have a much greater chance of success.
  2. Get the right Positive Mental Attitude. When the Conscious and Subconscious parts of the mind are working together to achieve the same aim your resolutions will be much easier to stick to. Spend time meditation or quietly contemplating any barriers to success and visualise yourself removing these barriers in order to achieve any goals. Hypnotherapy is just one way in which you can achieve the correct PMA.
  3. Track your success. Ensure that you have a system in place by which you can remind yourself of your goals, track how far you have come, and to reevaluate aims and goals periodically.
  4. NOTICE the successes and forgive yourself the odd mistake. The aim is not to become perfect just better in some ways and as long as progress is being made celebrate any success no matter how small they may seem.