Reiki in Sheffield

Benefits of REIKI in Sheffield

Reiki is a non invasive complimentary therapy, a healing therapy which uses natural energy flow to aid health and wellbeing. During therapy the client remains fully clothed and is not directly touched.

What does it feel like?

Reiki flows slowly or rapidly as needed and dispersed around the body. Everyone experiences Reiki in their own individual way. Sensations are pleasant sensations and can be very subtle. You may notice warmth in a particular area or even a gentle cooling feeling.  As the energy shifts you can feels a glow and pulsing as you become more and more relaxed. As the energy aligns with your body. You will feel calm, relaxed and a sense of peace with your surroundings.

The fact that you can feel Reiki working is confirmation that the energy is being welcomed.

The science of Reiki and energy healing

Science cannot fully explain Reiki, however the boundaries between that which we define as scientifically true and what may have once been considered to be unexplained phenomena are blurring. Quantum Physics  is opening up new possibilities at an exponential rate and much of this fits very nicely with energy healing concepts and therapies which have been around throughout the ages.

Physicists are discovering that on minuscule levels, matter can be influenced by intent. Scientists carrying out investigations and experiments on a sub atomic level must be removed from the room in which they take place so as to not influence the outcome. When we say “intent” we are referring to what the scientist wishes the outcome to be………. in layman terms this basically means that humans can move very tiny amounts of matter with the power of their mind. This is scientifically proven. Therefore it begs the age old question of just what ELSE are we capable of achieving with the power of our thoughts if we knew how to channel this gift?

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When thinking about matter in terms of energy, they are inextricable. Matter is MADE up of energy. It makes perfect sense that manipulating and working with the energy that makes up an individual and his or her surroundings can be beneficial to the individual in terms of their physical matter. These are universal concepts that have been around for as long as conscious humans have which are only just being proven or given names and labels. Reiki and Qi Gong have been scientifically PROVEN to have observable effects and this is just the beginning.

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