What even is Hypnotherapy?

by | Mar 1, 2024 | Charlotte Gill

Hypnotherapy uses the natural phenomena of hypnosis, combined with therapeutic interventions, to help people make positive changes. It is a great way to get the subconscious mind to accept and to affect changes that you may consciously feel you have struggled with. Hypnotherapy has its roots in ancient healing practices and our understanding is always changing as new study and applications are made, but basically it just a simple way to use what’s essentially “daydreaming” to communicate effectively with your inner mind.
In hypnotherapy, the state of hypnosis, which is something we all experience naturally day in, day out. The areas in the brain that might resist ideas for positive change are kinda ‘deactivated’ to an extent. This is helpful in accessing the more powerful part of the mind. The subconscious. A hypnotherapist is basically the messenger, they are skilled in making it past the guards- so to speak, and can work with the more deeply rooted mechanisms within you, core beliefs, feelings, patterns, and behaviours by getting the subconscious to accept the new proposal for change.
Traumas, limiting beliefs, and emotions that haven’t been expressed may sit dormant in the subconscious. These things can affect our thoughts, behaviours, and experiences in very subtle but deep ways without us necessarily being aware of the fact. A hypnotherapist uses skilled methods and therapeutic interventions to help the person explore these inner landscapes, navigating the secrets and shadows that make up their inner reality.
Hypnotherapy is more than just relaxing and suggesting things; it’s a journey of self-discovery and empowerment that you and your therapist undertake together. When people reach deeper parts of their awareness, they may gain new insights, let go of emotional blocks, and develop new points of view that help them heal and grow as people.
It is such a flexible method of working, that can be used to treat many issues, such as anxiety, fears, addiction, chronic pain, and much more. Hypnotherapy helps people get past their limitations, become more resilient, and reach their full potential by changing the way their brains work and rewiring unhealthy habits into healthy ones. Although most hypnotherapists do eventually specialise and undergo further training a certain areas. Depending on how complex your issues are you may need to seek referral to someone very experiences in that particular area.
Hypnotherapy is basically a way to heal that looks at the mind, body, and spirit as all being linked. When people align their conscious ‘wants’ and get these agreed by the subconscious. They become unstoppable. At this point, clients can access their inner wisdom and motivations, use their powerful untapped natural resources, and start a journey of transformation that goes beyond limits and welcomes possibility. People already have everything that they need within them, a hypnotherapist simply guides them through the process more quickly and smoothly than if they were to go it alone.
Although often portrayed as some myserteous, powerful figure, that can “control” your mind or “make you do things”, A Hypnotherapist is simply a facilitator for changes that YOU want to make. Think of it a bit like fixing your car. Of course you COULD do it yourself, if you pick up and actually read the manual, buy all the tools and dare to get stuck in. However a mechanic has more experience in how to get the job done, quickly, and with less chance of accidentally making the problem worse. Hypnotherapy can help people explore the vast and complex pattern of their inner world by drilling down into the depths of their subconscious ocean. They might find echoes of past events, unresolved feelings, and hidden wants in this holy place of healing and change. These things are all waiting to be recognised, accepted, and changed.
As the hypnotic trance gets deeper, the person is more open to the hypnotherapist’s therapeutic ideas and insights. This makes it possible for deep changes to happen in the subconscious. With new kindness and understanding, old wounds can be looked at again, which can lead to healing and forgiveness. It is possible to gently unravel limiting beliefs and replace them with facts or a new perspective, that help the person reach their fullest potential.
Also, in hypnotherapy, the therapeutic transformation is not simply a personal one; it is an intricate process, whereby vulnerabilities are shared and trust if vital. Part of building that trust is in choosing a hypnotherapist who is not only experienced but also open, transparent and makes you feel comfortable about the whole process. With the hypnotherapist’s help and knowledge, people can find their way through the complicated paths of their subconscious, awakening secret sources of strength, resilience, and creativity that have been dormant inside them without having to go it alone until they are ready.
Hypnotherapy is a sacred and transformative state, where people are encouraged to let go of the chains of the past, enjoy the present moment fully, and imagine a future full of endless possibilities. Through the process of exploring and integrating one’s inner self, people can come out of hypnosis feeling reborn, refreshed, and inspired to live their lives in a way that is true to who they are.