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Absolutely love today’s session. I feel already a weight lifted off my shoulders. Really like this office, a place I could relax & shut off.*

As many will know In Boxing & in life we have highs & lows, sometimes we need help to deal with these issues. Today I had my first session with Charlotte Gill at Halcyon Hypnotherapy in Stocksbridge…. Anyone out there with things on their mind in sport or just in general I’d highly recommend you make an appointment *

Ross Burkinshaw

Jane at Halcyon Therapy is an earth angel! After my second session I became a completely different person! After suffering anxiety and depression at different levels of intensity for 19 years and trying endless forms of medication and therapy I was at my wits end and could see no way out. I was skeptical at first thinking this would just take the edge off at its best but my god after the second session I immediately felt a difference as I suddenly had a spring in my step on the way to the tram stop!

Two weeks on I am noticing a dramatic increase in energy, I am dancing round the kitchen rather than not being able to move off the sofa . I had started to lose worrying amounts of hair over the past 12 months – that is now down to 2-3 hairs instead of 15-20ish! and most importantly I am full of a passion for life I am taking interest in doing things I normally didn’t have the energy to even think about! And making plans for the future rather than fearing it or thinking that will never happen!

I could go on! But I shall let you see the magic yourself! It has flipped my life on its head for the better and I can’t thank Jane enough – my earth angel!!!

Tarin Morgan


They say life begins at 40…. to me it started at 49 or to be precise the day i met Charlotte Gill. This wonderful lady gave me my life back and gave it a purpose again.
With my depression, illness, family problems and several stone weight gain i’d really had enough of life.
With Charlotte’s help i have become a new woman, got rid of the demons that were dragging me down and put a smile on my face every day.
I feel fantastic and am becoming the weight and shape I longed to be.
Thank you so much Charlotte, you really are amazing.

Lisa Watson

February 2019

I decided to seek help with my sugar addiction as it was taking over my life and I had read about hypnotherapy and thought I would give it ago . So I researched on Google and came across the Halcyon hypnotherapy in Sheffield and decided to book a free consultation. I chose to go with Sharon as it said on her profile she specialises in sugar addiction. So i went for my consultation and she was absolutey lovely and very down to earth and we had a laugh. I then booked my hypnotherapy session 3 days later, I was very excited to see what would happen. I got to my session and we soon got down to it and she was very good and i felt so relaxed and had a really good experience . So the day after was a big test for me as I got to work there was a table full of chocolate, cakes and sweets and normally It would drive me crazy until I ate some but it didn’t bother me one bit and I didn’t eat a thing. Also another test was I got given some of my favourite chocolate and I only had 2 pieces and gave the rest away, I was so shocked in myself. I also stop craving chocolate, cake, anything sweet and just crave water and apples πŸ˜€ I have already lost 5 pounds in a week .Sharon has changed my life and I am forever grateful . She’s is such a lovely women and enjoyed my time with her . I will highly recommend you to my friends and family . Thank you xx*

Megan Jones

Sugar addiction Hypnotherapy review

I was shocked at the extent of my ‘demons’ and am thrilled and delighted that Charlotte has helped me see and come to terms with something I’ve battled all my life. I hope to continue with her patient help and guidance through the rest of my course of hypnotherapy. I just wish I’d known about this years ago Thank you so much.*

Hiliary Spencer

Singer, Quicksilver

Thanks to Charlotte Gill i have lost nearly 2 and a half stone since January and my confidence has just boosted, i feel so much better 😍

I started my journey by having hypnotherapy with the lovely charlotte before this i never thought hypnotherapy would work i thought it was all an act but how wrong was i? πŸ˜‚

I havnt yet reached my goal iv still got a long way to go but thanks to this amazing woman im on the right track to been a slimmer happier me 😁😁

Thank u charlotte 😘😘😘*

Rachel Gregory

After a very stressful morning actually getting my daughter who suffers from school phobia and high anxiety to meet Charlotte, it was relief when we actually made to her rather swish little office space in the town centre. It couldn’t have benn less like school, what a relief for my daughter who just minutes before was ready to bolt off back to the safety of our car! Charlotte immediately put my daughter at ease, no tweed skits or hair buns here, just a lovely personable young women who seems to genuinely care about getting the most out of life and learning! I have yet to see how my daughter will respond to Charlottes teaching methods but giving her the confidence to move forward and show her what she is able to achieve is a godsend! I am hoping we can build on this first meeting and that our daughter will continue to take back the control in her capabilities.*

Julie Pass

I didn’t believe so much in if it would work or not but I left feeling amazing with such a positive mind. At that time I wasn’t in the best of places but Charlotte really helped me and got me through it.
Every time I feel a bit low I book in with Charlotte to give me that get up and go and that positive thinking again.
She’s amazing and makes you feel totally at ease.
Iv recommended her to everyone she’s brilliant.*

Melanie Ashton

NHS, Anxiety Hypnotherapy review

Absolutely amazing lady lost 18 pounds after just THREE Hypnoslimmer sessions I cannot wait for all the amazing updates I KNOW I will get regarding your continued weight loss xx SO PROUD!!!!*

Emma Stevenson

Absolutely brilliant sessions. Staff so caring. Feel am on right path to health now and have the motivation to continue by myself.*

Victoria Ibotson

I came to halcyon hypnotherapy suffering from severe anxiety and stress. After the one session I went away a little sceptical, however in the following weeks there was such a dramatic change in how I handled things I’ve completely changed my mind about hypnotherapy and what it entails. Charlotte makes the experience so relaxing and enjoyable that it’s a pleasure to say I can’t wait for my next session! So worth the visit!!*

Paige Boardman

Both tutors are very friendly & professional, my son looks forward to his weekend lessons, they are fun but educational, brilliant service all round. Great communication too.*

Christine Ellin

Excellent service, thoroughly explained beforehand and delivered thoughtfully and professionally – I cannot praise Sharon highly enough: she’s a star!*

Rob Cook

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I have used Charlotte’s Maths Tuition services for my daughter. Charlotte has made an immense difference to my daughter’s confidence. She looks forward to her Maths tuition and says that the 2 hours passes very quickly. With the tuition lessons comes additional skills including relaxation and revision techniques, that my daughter has found really useful. As Charlotte has many subject skills, we have also had a few Physics lessons thrown in at very short notice. I would have no hesitation in recommending Charlotte.*

Peter Grantham

I have seen Charlotte before at her previous business and am delighted with her growing success.The new location is a lot more accessible and the staff are as friendly and welcoming as ever. The sessions I personally have had really have made a great impact on my life, noticeable not only by me but my close friends and family hence why I don’t mind traveling a little further from home than before. If I time my appointments wisely as I work in town this would be even more beneficial for me and any person hoping to reach any personal goals or break any bad habits for 2017. The very best to Charlotte and your team thanks again Lee.*

L Hartley

Totally worth it! Thanks to the lovely Sharon I’m looking forward to many smoke free years*

Trevor West

Damien has working with us for only a matter of weeks and we as parents are delighted with the improvement we have seen, particularly the levels of self-confidence in our child. His friendly demeanor combined with well planned, appropriate lessons have ensured an impressive level of progress has been made thus far. We would be happy to recommend his services which are very cost effective also.*

Mark todd

Would recommend it, excellent service.*

Anne Fish

I am really impressed with how relaxed and calm my sessions have been, Charlotte is great at putting me at ease and also discussing with me to work out problems and solutions.*

John Joyce

I was blown away by the stunning location. Charlotte was so welcoming and friendly she immediately put me at ease. I can’t wait for my next visit. I can recommend Halcyon to anybody thinking of giving hypnotherapy a try.*

Emma Pass

After suffering from depression for years I found the 1st session really helpful. Can not wait for second session so I can get rid of illness for good*

Graham Wilson

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