I have loved every moment of building Halcyon from nothing to where we are today.

The last six years have been hectic and a real learning curve and I could not have done it without help. I was mentored and taught all about SEO and website construction by Scott Cooney. I was supported and encourage professionally by Sharon Frier and now I have an amazing team to help and support each other. My vision was to unite like -minded therapists in order to share best practice and to gather a team of specialists in order to offer clients an array of treatment options.

Charlotte Gill

Charlotte Gill


Charlotte Gill BSc Science, Dip Hyp I.S.C.H

I am currently the Owner and Senior Hypnotherapist at Halcyon Hypnotherapy Sheffield. I am a qualified Science teacher and I combine Hypnotherapy with Tuition to offer a unique service to struggling learners in Sheffield. I worked full-time as a Hypnotherapist and also privately tutor a number of students including pupils in the Robert Ogden National Autism Society School in Rotherham.

My Passion and my main Specialism is Anxiety. I love the moment where a client’s life can be changed for the better using just words and  changing thought patterns. I have helped literally hundreds of anxiety clients and this continues to be my very favourite issue to deal with. As a teacher and tutor I also have a natural affinity with children and teens of all ages. For this reason I also specialise in Anxiety for young people.

I have an unquenchable thirst for learning and have completed further training in General Anxiety Disorder, BWRT Level 1, Mental Health First Aid, Quantum Healing and Psychosexual issues, Daniel Mcdermids “Stop smoking its a doddle” technique, I am an Hypnoslimmer official consultant and plan to attend Steve Millers “Hypno Antidepressant” training in the spring of 2020.

Discovering Hypnotherapy

I first experienced Hypnotherapy for myself for  weight loss.I lost three stone in just 2 months and I went from having never exercised to running 10K at least once a week. I also experienced Hypnotherapy for Clearance and for letting go of a toxic person in my life. One session worked completely. I was fascinated and was eager to understand exactly how Hypnotherapy works from a  scientific point of view.

I spent the next four years busy studying for my degree and qualifying as a Secondary Science teacher. Only after graduating did I begin to seek out a training institution to learn Hypnotherapy purely for my own interest. I chose Innervisions School of clinical Hypnosis as my training provider and I feel that the course fully prepared me to begin practicing as an independent Hypnotherapist even before I completed the course.

During my time spent learning Hypnotherapy I worked as a private tutor. I found that many of my tutees had other issues which were having a big impact upon their ability to focus and learn to their full potential. Many were lacking in confidence, focus, stressed, or  had other barriers to learning which I begun to help them to deal with. I believe that a significant factor in the success of that years’s cohort of students was the work we did on wellbeing.

Creating Halcyon

I set up Halcyon Hypnotherapy and Advanced Learning and opened my first clinic in Eckington in 2014, moving to Stocksbridge in January 2015 and opened a larger clinic and wellbeing centre in April 2017. After a year of steady growth Halcyon branched out to Sheffield City Centre in January 2017 and continues to be successful… so much so that we have expanded our Consulting rooms to Harley Street, London from January 2020. We have been rated in the top three hypnotherapy businesses consistently for three consecutive years and strive for continual learning and improvements to our knowledge base and experience.

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