Blog Title: “Mental-Cardio Intersection: The Impact of Anxiety and Depression on Young Women’s Heart Health”

by | Apr 16, 2024 | Latest mental health news

Analysis of these noted studies reveals that anxiety and depression can potentially double a young woman’s risk of mounting high blood pressure, elevated cholesterol, or diabetes – all precursors to severe cardiac conditions. A concerning observation, especially as women under 50, have been routinely sidelined in cardiovascular disease studies as other demographic groups record higher incidences. As the study led by Dr. Giovanni Civieri unfolds, it uncovers a dire underbelly of disregarded health risks and the urgent need for immediate cardiovascular risk screenings when a young woman presents symptoms of depression or anxiety.
The research group catalogued health records of 71,214 individuals found in the Mass General Brigham Biobank. An extended ten-year follow up disclosed an elevated level of risk. Approximately 38% of the participants developed high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and diabetes. Strikingly, individuals with a history of anxiety or depression were about 55% more likely to develop these risk factors compared to those without mental health struggles. It was observed that women under the age of 50 with anxiety or depression faced almost twice the likelihood of developing cardiovascular risk factors compared to any other group.
Dr Civieri identifies a significant ‘catch-up’ phenomenon, noting that depression and anxiety increases the risk that would otherwise be quite low. Once we see a young woman suffering from depression or anxiety, her absolute risk levels start conforming closely to those of young men. Understanding the precise reasons why mental health conditions intensifies the impact on young women compared to other demographics is the next querying scientists wish to unpack.
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The vital connection between mental health conditions and cardiovascular health in young women cannot be understated. Early intervention strategies such as hypnotherapy can be effective and beneficial. With hypnotherapy, the chances of a healthier future mentally and physically seem more possible than ever!
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