Ahh…. Spring is here…… and we can whinge about the bad weather all we like, however we just know that the crisp bright days are just around the corner.

Anxiety focus for Spring………Halcyon Hypnotherapy Sheffield

Theres something about that first peek at the promise of the sunshine to come, and it’s like awakening from a deep sleep, Spring makes most of us feel refreshed and energised. It’s time to blow off the cobwebs. For anyone who is negatively affected by the seasons (e.g. SADS) then this is a time for new beginnings and all the more reason to embrace the season.

Anxiety sufferers

For those who are suffering with Anxiety or Depression, this lift may be minimal. If you’re not feeling the full zest of the season, If you remain feeling trapped by your thoughts and feelings, then it may be time to seek help. Hypnotherapy can ease your suffering and help you to find your inner sparkle again. You may be surprised to discover that when you suffer with Anxiety and Depression, theres actually nothing WRONG with you.

Worrying and being afraid are our inherent safety mechanisms, bred into us throughout the generations from our pre-historic ancestors to now. The anxious or the ‘worriers’ were often the MOST likely to survive as they looked out for and spotted danger more readily. Symptoms of anxiety and depression which negatively impact on our daily lives are simply……. over-active or over enthusiastic safety features!!!



Spring is sprung Halcyon hypnotherapy Sheffield


Hypnotherapy can help with Anxiety symptoms and root cause

The great news is that with Hypnotherapy for anxiety in Sheffield, you can reprogram your mind to be less sensitive to false triggers and can very quickly become calmer, less stressed and happier as a result. Understanding why anxiety and depression are hardwired into our DNA is just the first step towards making that change. Your therapist can help you to work through your anxieties and to realise that the only thing holding you back has been your subconscious, which mistakenly believed that certain situations were more of a threat than they really were.

Anxiety can be quickly treated using Hypnotherapy and I love nothing more than seeing the first genuine smile of relief from an Anxiety sufferer who has just figured out how to change their life, who realises that they too can feel free and happy all of the time, and it’s so easy to do. When that realisation hits, then there really is nothing that can stop you.

If this sound’s a lot like you, then don’t wait, book your free consultation and find out how Hypnotherapy can help you today. And by Summer, you can be smiling as brightly as anyone else!!!


xxxHappy Spring Everybody xxx

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