Halcyon Hypnotherapy Sheffield The Mythological history of our name

by | Apr 4, 2024 | Halcyon


Halcyon Hypnotherapy Sheffield takes its name from a rich tapestry of meaning, etymology and ancient mythologies.

The Goddess Alcyone,

The word “halcyon” has a rich etymology dating back to ancient Greek mythology. It is derived from the Greek word “ἀλκυών” (alkuṓn), which refers to the mythical bird known as the kingfisher. In Greek mythology, the halcyon bird was believed to have the power to calm the winds and waves during the winter solstice, creating a period of calm and tranquility on the seas. This period became known as the “halcyon days.”

The association of the halcyon bird with peace and tranquility led to the word “halcyon” being used figuratively to describe a time of calm, happiness, and prosperity. Over time, the term came to be associated with anything that evoked a sense of tranquility, serenity, or nostalgic bliss.

Today, the word “halcyon” is often used metaphorically to describe a state of peace, tranquility, or prosperity, as well as anything that evokes feelings of nostalgia or blissful harmony. In the context of Halcyon Hypnotherapy, the word embodies the vision of a sanctuary where clients can find solace, healing, and inner peace on their journey of self-discovery.

The name “Alcyone” also has its roots in Greek mythology. In Greek mythology, Alcyone (pronounced al-SIE-uh-nee) was the name of a character who was transformed into a kingfisher bird, known as the “halcyon bird” in English. Alcyone was the daughter of Aeolus, the god of the winds, and she was married to Ceyx, the king of Thessaly.

The story of Alcyone is tragic yet poignant. According to mythology, Alcyone’s husband Ceyx perished in a shipwreck while on a journey at sea. Grief-stricken by her loss, Alcyone threw herself into the sea in despair. However, out of compassion, the gods transformed both Alcyone and Ceyx into kingfisher birds, allowing them to live together in eternal harmony.

In Greek mythology, Alcyone is often associated with themes of love, loss, and transformation. The name “Alcyone” is derived from the Greek word “Ἁλκυόνη” (Halkyone), which means “kingfisher.” Over time, the name “Alcyone” has come to symbolize resilience, endurance, and the enduring power of love.


we decided against using the actual Halcon Bird in our logo and branding ( kingfisher) even though these gorgeous creatures are native to our rivers where we have deep roots of local hypnotherapy provision in Sheffield. This is because we actually have many bird phobia clients and the last thing they want to see is a negative imagery when researching hypnotherapy options. Instead we opted for a branding Palette of teals, yellow/oranges, and pinks in a subtle nod to our winged namesake. Just like the Halcyon/ kingfisher as it swoops into the water, our clients deep dive into their subconscious. We help them to navigate the murky waters and to reascend transformed, victorious winds and waters calmed.

Charlotte Gill BSc (Hons) Advanced GHR hypnotherapy practitioner and Supervisor Halcyon Hypnotherapy Sheffield