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So it’s THAT time of year again, the vague area of ‘no-mans land’ between Mock exams and the REAL deal. Hopefully you’ve all been working your socks off and have a good solid grasp on your subjects now. In which case a few days off may be beneficial in that you get chance to destress and recharge your batteries. If this is the case, then we recommend that you take the time out to revise for exams and try some  Mindfulness techniques.

However, there’s a huge difference between taking a few days off and blowing the entire holidays. This Easter is the last real time that you will have to  knuckle down and blast that revision. If things feel tight now, fast forward in your mind to May / June when time has literally run out and you’re really working to the wire. Times the intensity by about 10. Resist the temptation to go into all out Holiday Sloth mode, and do yourself a favour by continuing to chip away at the revision.

Its important to appreciate that this is going to be THE MOST INTENSE study and examination period in your whole life. Further study and Higher Education are more in depth, however the focus is narrowed on to just a few subjects or topics at a time. In my opinion even UNIVERSITY didn’t seem as stressful as my GCSE’s and I think that theres some comfort to be found from that fact. So basically you can put your ALL into GCSE season, safe in the knowledge that you will NEVER be expected to study so hard again in your life.

So If i could give any advice at all I’d narrow it down to these bullet points (In order of importance)

Halcyon Advanced Learning Advice : How to revise for GCSE 2016

  • Make sure that you are working from STUDENT BOOKS for your Subject and not just a Revision guide, they often lack the depth to actually teach you anything and can even do more harm than good in confusing topics.

  • Check year ONE topic and unit knowledge. Many a time l have encountered a learner struggling with the latest topics covered, all because of some small gap / or hazy memory of an ESSENTIAL unit 1 concept.

  • TARGET your revision, its all well and good breezing through the revision books, however there will be areas in which you are weaker than others. FIND them and go over the WHOLE sub-unit for that topic. Find units that link up or ask your teacher / tutor to help you to do this. For example RADIOACTIVITY is a much easier topic once you know the ATOMIC STRUCTURE really well

  • Test yourself using past exam papers and then REVISE THE WHOLE TOPIC / UNIT if theres any questions that you struggle with. Don’t  be content with just eventually working out the answer to THAT question. If you’re not 100% (ok lets say 90% upwards) then LEARN IT ALL again. It will take more time but TRUST that it is the bSET way.

  • TAKE TIME OUT practice mindfulness, spend time away from study and destress regularly. Its like letting the fizz out of a shaken soda, you can either let it out a little at a time…. or you wait until it explodes…..and trust me that’s not pretty, or helpful.

  • KNOW WHEN TO SEEK HELP. If you are getting two or more grades below your predicted or target grade at this point GET HELP Enlist a private tutor or sign up to every revision class going.


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