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Hypnotherapy is the natural state between waking and sleeping at which point positive suggestions to the subconscious mind are most easily accepted.

Using this powerful trance state, your Hypnotherapist can help you to change the “default” settings of your mindset.

If you have been struggling to make a change that you realy want to achieve, this can simply be because the conscious and the subconscious mind are not communicating these wants and desires effectively.



Halcyon are a leading UK and International provider of Anxiety and Depression therapy,

 The most common issues that we deal with are

Anxiety & Depression

Stop Smoking

Weight Loss

however as a team our combined expertise extends into many other areas, see our services drop down menu for more details.


“At Halcyon we pride ourselves on helping clients quickly. The average number of sessions necessary is approximately 4.

Even if you are struggling to see the light at the end of the tunnel right now, be assured that your therapist can and will help you to see it too”

Charlotte Gill 

Anxiety & Depression


Stop Smoking


Weight and body image 

The Halcyon Team


Charlotte Gill BSc (Hons) former Science teacher and licensed Harley Street Hypnotherapist with over 6 years experience as a Hypnotherapist is the owner and Senior therapist at Halcyon. Charlotte takes a clinical, scientific approach to therapy coupled with a typicaly Yorkshire no-nonsense approach,  friendliness & sense of humour.


Jane Huckerby has spent the last 2 years working closely alongside Charlotte and has developed her unique reassuring style of general therapy in all areas. From phobias to weight management Jane can and will help you to define and achieve your goals.


Thomas McGowan is the owner and founder of Beacon Hope Hypnotherapy in Huddersfield and is the region’s most experienced Addictions specialist. Halcyon are lucky enough to have secured a great exclusive deal with Thomas for our addiction clients.


We’d Love to Help

Our Approach

At Halcyon we take a friendly, down to earth approach to therapy. We offer every potential client a FREE 30 min consultation in order to get to know you better so that we can better meet your needs. 

We believe it is important to offer the right balance of professionalism and reassurance. Our therapists will take a thorough client history, explain how Hypnotherapy works and answer and questions that you may have.

We will then explain your choices and design you a personalised care plan to fit your needs, budget and timeframe.

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