Charlotte Gill BSc Science, Dip Hyp I.S.C.H


As a parent it can feel overwhelming when your child or teen is experiencing anxiety or depression Hypnotherapy for Children in Sheffield could be the answer you are looking for

Our Team includes three fully qualified Teacher / Hypnotherapists who specialise in helping young people face and tackle their issues which can include the following…

Anxiety and Depression

Nightmares and sleep disturbances
Confidence and self-esteem

Educational issues and barriers to learning including Exam and study stress

Concentration and focus
Self Harming and anger
Relationships and family
Fears and Phobias
Emetophobia and eating disorders

Mindfulness and relaxation

and much more.

We find that clients of a younger age are particularly receptive to therapy and results are usually seen faster than with adults facing similar difficulties.

There are many different approaches that we can take towards therapy with children and young people as well as traditional Hypnotherapy.

Cognitive therapy involves talking through the thoughts and feelings, investigating which coping strategies have been put in place by the subconscious  and dealing with these appropriately.

Parts therapy works particularly well with children and young people as it involves using the imagination to bring to life individual characters which represent various personality traits and in understanding each part more fully, the client can learn how to strengthen more positive traits and to control the less positive aspect of the self.

Brain Working Recursive Therapy is a very direct and simple approach to therapy. It is a science based way or dealing with issues as it involves directly reprogramming the brain to break down unwanted neural pathways and rebuild new positive ones. This allows unwanted responses to be very quickly eradicated.

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