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Child & Teen Issues 

Charlotte Gill BSc, ADVANCED Hypnotherapy Practitioner GHR


As a parent it can feel overwhelming when your child or teen is experiencing anxiety or depression

Hypnotherapy for Children & Teens in Sheffield could be the answer you are looking for

Halcyon Hypnotherapy Sheffield, London and online

Welcome to Halcyon Hypnotherapy: Nurturing Young Minds for a Brighter Tomorrow

Welcome to Halcyon Hypnotherapy, where we specialize in guiding children and teenagers through the intricate landscapes of their minds to conquer challenges and embrace their fullest potential. With our expertise, young minds can flourish and find lasting solutions to a variety of issues.

Our Approach: Illuminating Paths to Inner Resilience

At Halcyon Hypnotherapy, we believe in the power of nurturing young minds by integrating the latest insights from psychology with the age-old techniques of hypnosis. Our compassionate approach is specifically tailored to the needs of children and teenagers, fostering a safe environment where they can explore, heal, and grow.

Empowering the Subconscious: Hypnosis for Young Mind

Imagine a space where young minds can tap into their inner strength and wisdom, where limiting beliefs and anxieties melt away like morning mist. This is the essence of hypnosis, a gentle yet potent tool that allows us to connect with the subconscious mind. Our experienced therapists skillfully guide young individuals to this state, where they can reframe negative thoughts and embrace a sense of empowerment.

Guiding Through the Maze: Challenges Addressed

Navigating childhood and teenage years can be akin to solving a puzzle – each piece presenting unique challenges. Our adept hypnotherapists act as compassionate guides, helping young minds navigate through the maze of issues that can arise during these formative years. By delving into the subconscious roots of these challenges, we provide effective tools to foster growth and resilience.

A Journey of Transformation

Every journey begins with a single step, and we’re honored to guide young minds on their transformational path. Our sessions are conducted in an atmosphere of trust and empathy, crucial for facilitating open communication. As children and teenagers embrace the process, they’ll witness the evolution of their inner worlds – from uncertainty to confidence, from fear to courage.

Why Choose Halcyon Hypnotherapy?

Expertise: Our therapists are not only skilled professionals but also possess a profound understanding of the unique needs of young minds.

Tailored Solutions: We recognize that each young individual is distinct. Our approach is personalized to address their specific challenges, ensuring a journey that is attuned to their uniqueness.

Proven Track Record: Numerous young minds have embarked on this transformative journey with us, emerging stronger and more resilient.

Life-Long Skills: Our goal isn’t just to resolve immediate challenges but to equip young minds with tools they can carry into adulthood.

Embark on the Journey Today

Are you ready to illuminate the path to a brighter future for your child or teenager? The first step is reaching out to us. Contact Halcyon Hypnotherapy today to schedule an initial consultation, and together, let’s empower the young minds of tomorrow for a life of boundless potential. Your journey to nurturing resilience begins here.

Charlotte Is also a fully qualified Science Teacher experienced in  in helping young people face and tackle their issues which can include the following…

Anxiety and Depression

Nightmares and sleep disturbances
Confidence and self-esteem

Educational issues and barriers to learning including Exam and study stress

Concentration and focus
Self Harming and anger
Relationships and family
Fears and Phobias
Emetophobia and eating disorders

Mindfulness and relaxation

and much more.

We find that clients of a younger age are particularly receptive to therapy and results are usually seen faster than with adults facing similar difficulties.

There are many different approaches that we can take towards therapy with children and young people as well as traditional Hypnotherapy.

Cognitive therapy involves talking through the thoughts and feelings, investigating which coping strategies have been put in place by the subconscious  and dealing with these appropriately.

Parts therapy works particularly well with children and young people as it involves using the imagination to bring to life individual characters which represent various personality traits and in understanding each part more fully, the client can learn how to strengthen more positive traits and to control the less positive aspect of the self.

Brain Working Recursive Therapy is a very direct and simple approach to therapy. It is a science based way or dealing with issues as it involves directly reprogramming the brain to break down unwanted neural pathways and rebuild new positive ones. This allows unwanted responses to be very quickly eradicated.

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