Sporting Perfomance

Hypnosis for better athletic and sports performance. 


What do Tiger Woods, Jack Nicklaus, Jimmy Connors, Kevin McBride, Mary Lou Retton and the Chicago Whitesox all have in common?

They have all used sports hypnotherapy to help improve their sporting performances over the years. Athletes understand the power of a PMA (Positive Mental Attitude). Sports Hypnotherapy Sheffield with Halcyon can help give you that competitive edge.

Best Friends Christiano Ronaldo and Jose Semedo

(Shown here with a  Halcyon Hypnotherapy Sheffield Polo shirt signed by both of them October 03rd 2016 in Lisbon).

Understand the power of PMA in achieving success.

The Zone / Trance State

Sports hypnotherapy Sheffield love this glorious example of an athlete going into “the Zone” which is Welsh International Rugby Player Dan Digger. He has a range of movements which are the trigger for him to physically relax and to mentally focus on kicking for the posts in order to achieve a conversion. The range of movements he employs are admittedly a little out of the ordinary resulting in much teasing even to the point of his behaviour being named “The Biggarena” as it resembles dance moves.  However this technique works very well for Dan Biggar he is arguably the best kicker in the world.

Watching this clip you can see the very moment Biggar achieves “The Zone” or specifically waking trance and his moments immediately change from jittery and repetitive to calm smooth and fully focussed.

‘The Zone’ means emptying your mind of all negative thoughts and emotions and in short all those niggling “what ifs” that cloud your brain, just as you are moving in to take your shot, or aim, or goal. Sports Hypnotherapy Sheffield with Halcyon  can improve your sporting performance regardless of which sport or level you play.


Famous Sporting Hypnotherapy Advocates

Tiger Woods is probably the most famous sports star of modern times to openly use hypnotherapy to his advantage. Not only this, but he has been doing so since a very early age (thirteen). He attributes hypnotherapy techniques to help him get into ‘the zone’, which is a mental state that an athlete desires when it comes to achieving success.

Another Golfer, of Championship status, Jack Nicklaus has stated that hypnosis has helped him improve his concentration and visualisation of his game.

The Tennis star and winner of the US Open has also famously used hypnotherapy to help him win.

The Heavyweight Boxer from Ireland keeps a hypnotherapist on board to help him before every fight. And it works!

At the 1984 Olympics, when a foot pain threatened to jeopardise her performance, American gymnast Mary Lou Retton employed the assistance of a hypnotherapist to help her overcome it. She won gold.

A more rare – or at least rarely publicised – example of hypnotherapy being used by an entire team. In 1983 the team hired a hypnotherapist to help them win and never looked back.

And they are not alone. The Russian Olympics team was accompanied by at least eleven hypnotherapists in 1956.

The use of hypnotherapy in sports to enhance performance in competitions and games is no new thing. used throughout the ages, however relatively seldom spoken about. Perhaps the benefitting team or athletes are reluctant to share their “secret weapon”.

Whether you are an athlete or professional sports person – or even just an enthusiastic amateur, sports hypnotherapy Sheffield can help you achieve your potential.
Here’s how it can be done:

Whilst it is important ensure that you are at your physical peak, the mental condition should be correctly primed and conditioned to ensure the best results possible are gained.

One of the ways that Hypnotherapy for sports and athletic performance works by is a technique of visualisation. This is whereby you can actually see yourself performing in the match or game, in what would be the perfect scenario.


To achieve anything one must first be able to visualise it, distraction free. Absolute focus requires being able to block out distractions and to fully focus on the task in hand. Many athletes are naturally good at getting into ‘The Zone’. Others may struggle and need the help of a Hypnotherapist or coach, however this state is easily achievable for anyone who wishes to improve their performance with practice.

The better that a person can visualise themselves in a winning capacity, the easier it may be for them to go on and achieve it. However, if you are not the world’s most visual person, then do not worry as this is the sort of technique that you will be helped with. So, once you can visualise yourself, or your team, in a winning position, there is still work to do.


Distractions are the curse of the human brain, when it comes to trying to perfect the concentration needed for your chosen sport. With the help of hypnotherapy, you will be shown the best way in which to eliminate all these conflicting thoughts, feelings and emotions and banish them from your head.

Depending on which your chosen sport is this will require varying degrees of focus. For example a footballer may need to expand their area of focus to include all areas or the pitch. A dart’s player may need to narrow their focus ultimately to include the area of the board which they intend to hit. This is one of the greatest kept secrets of Hypnotherapy for sports, the fact that the brain can  be trained to improve so drastically with a little practice.

Focussing solely on the task at hand is important too. Many of our clients come to us with examples of when a slight mistake during a game or a session, has knocked their confidence and negatively influenced the rest of the game. This can easily be managed Using hypnotherapy to separate the critical analysis of ones performance from the actual game play. This allows for self- reflection and learning from mistakes without detracting from a current performance in any way.

Negative thoughts may not be the only mental block which stand in your way of glory, but also just good old fashioned nerves. It is the pressure of being watched by so many people, holding your team’s expectations on your shoulders and being judged so publically. It would be surprising if athletes and sports professionals didn’t feel anxious from time to time. In fact they would not be human if they didn’t.
What we aim to show you is how to temporarily put these thoughts and emotions out of your mind, so that whilst you are on the pitch, or court, or in the ring, you are able to do the best that you possibly can do.
You already look after your body and ensure that your muscles are primed and ready to go – now it is time to give some thought to the big muscle between your ears!

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