GH Acknowledged Supervision UK

Progressive Professional Development and Support


The GHR require all newly qualified Hypnotherapists to undergo a minimum of 2 hours Supervision in any 3 month period a total of 8 hours per year, however Hypnotherapists can benefit from supervision throughout each stage in their development from student to experienced practitioner as the pressures of working with clients who “offload” onto us remain throughout the entire time of fulfilling that role.



The benefits of Group supervision are


Socialising and Networking, Sole therapists can experience loneliness and isolation within their career
Validating and discharging any negative emotions or energies that may arise as part of the role as therapist
Sharing successes with other’s who understand the true value of your achievements
Gaining insight and advice from more a collective pool of experience
Sharing best practice for a better knowledge base for all
Learning and adding new techniques to skill set
Planning and sharing ideas for next steps in development

Our Group supervision events are high energy and fun, Participants can get as involved as they like or sit back and take it all in. Our guest speakers have an immense range of skills and training which make for fascinating and informative talks and experiences. One to one supervision also available via zoom or in person by appointment.

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