Smoking Cessation among Cancer Patients: A Novel Approach”

by | May 7, 2024 | Latest mental health news

The planned study is a collaborative effort from several specialist outpatient clinics located in five major hospitals across Hong Kong. It will enroll 1448 Chinese smokers living with cancer who are undergoing medical follow-ups at some of these outpatient clinics. The study takes the form of a multi-centered, two-armed, randomized controlled trial, opening doors to innovative methods of smoking cessation.

The intervention group members would first receive brief advice from research nurses. They will then have a choice to decide their quit schedules, aligned with their comfort – immediate or progressive. To support them through the ensuing journey to quit smoking, they will receive instant messaging fostering cessation efforts for a period of first 6 months.

These messages will be sent once every week for the initial 3 months, after which the frequency will be reduced to approximately once a month.

While hypnotherapy isn’t a part of this specific study, it’s worth noting that it’s been proven as an effective method in aiding smoking cessation. There’s ongoing research at [Halcyon Hypnotherapy Sheffield]( dedicated to understanding the subconscious mind’s potential to break away from negative habits like smoking.

The control group, on the other hand, would also receive brief advice like the intervention group. However, they would be advised to quit immediately and would receive instant messaging offering general health advice during the first 6-month follow-up period.
These intriguing findings could potentially inform research and push the frontier of knowledge, bringing hypnotherapy into the spotlight as we continue to advance our understanding of smoking cessation strategies specifically designed for patients living with cancer.

On a broader scale, this intervention could translate into healthier patient outcomes, improved quality of life, and a shift in clinical practices at healthcare institutions such as Halcyon Hypnotherapy Sheffield and online that specialise in transformative hypnotherapy practices for smoking cessation. Book a free discovery call now on 01143123773

Hypnotherapy really does give you your best shot at stopping smoking with ease. Following your with texts and emails to help motivate and celebrate wins sounds like a great Idea and one we shall incorporate into our smoking cessation model. We value our clients and want only the best for every journey we have the privilege of being a part in. -Charlotte Gill