Sports Massage Sheffield

Here at Halcyon Sports Massage Sheffield we take a Holistic approach to massage therapy.

Our sports massages in Sheffield City centre and Stocksbridge Sheffield are like no other you have experienced! All bespoke massages are tailored to give you the client exactly what you want during therapy and our satisfied client testimonials prove that this approach works.

Telephone consultations are required before all treatments can be booked where a full client medical history will be taken and all suitable options will be discussed.


Sports Massage Sheffield Treatments available

Sports massage therapy

Regular sports massage helps to ensure that the body is physically in peak condition, injuries are prevented and motability in increased. Restorative massage aids healing of injured muscles, boosts performance and extending sporting career lifespan.

Swedish Body massage

A deep tissue massage stimulate the circulation, alleviating muscular aches and pains. Ideal for post-performance aches and pains or simply as a means of deep relaxation.

Stress relief back massage

Using a stress-relieving blend of essential oils, this technique effectively combats stress and tension stored in these areas. Using targeted acupressure this massage also refreshes the mind, boosts energy, fights fatigue, promotes deep restful sleep and reduces spinal problems.

Indian head massage

This ancient Ayurvedic therapy has been practiced through the ages and retains its sacred roots in technique. Administered in a seated position, using dry or non-dry oil, this massage benefits the mimd, body and spirit.

The hair is deeply conditioned, scalp and facial muscles toned. Headache congestion alleviated and shoulder mobility improved. This is an ideal option for office workers or students, anyone who has tension in and around the neck and shoulders.

Hopi-Ear candles

An ancient and natural therapy originating in Native American culture, ear candles remove impurities, excessive wax in the ears. Sinuses are improved aiding regulation of pressure and tension in the head.

Using the original Biosun Hopi-Ear products made from pure Bee’s wax and honey extract, essential oils and premium organic linen for a sumptuous experience. This treatment is ideal before flying. Find your beauty and holistic treatments here.

Manual Lymphatic drainage

This treatment is a lighter fingertip motion over the lymph node points to stimulate elimination of toxins out of the body. Reducing water retention, aiding digestion and helping to kick start the diet into action as well as reducing puffy swollen skin.


A healing therapy which deals with the principle that all organs, glands and other body parts have corresponding reflexes in the hands and feet. Reflexology is a very popular and effective treatment which has a restorative effect, reducing stress, promoting physiological change, helping to maintain the body’s equilibrium and encouraging healing in targeted areas.

Holistic Facial

Using oriental diagnostic techniques improve skin tone, texture and appearance of the skin. Relaxing, softening and relieving tension in the facial muscles. Promote decongestion of the sinus and alleviation under eye circles and bags This treatment is blissful and an ideal addition to your regular beauty regime.

Using a synergistic blend of essential oils tailored to the individual, added to quality carrier oils and applied to the skin. A gentle or deep massage experience can be experienced, instilling peace of mind, aiding relaxation, invigorating the body and refreshing the body.


For more information, book a telephone consultation using the book now tab or call 07788230304


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