The Healing Power of Creation: A Tale of a Mouse Village and Mental Health

by | Apr 18, 2024 | Latest mental health news

Update on the amazing mouse village and its creation, Simon has expanded this adorable mouse village, complete with many of the amenities you’d find in a human town, all created meticulously from repurposed materials and recycled rubbish. This tiny luxury town has attracted several more mice, captivating the hearts of more than 150,000 followers who eagerly wait for updates from ‘George the Mouse in a log pile house,’ across his social media channels.

Simon, aged 50, continually documents the daily activities of the mouse village, sharing them on his various social media platforms. He regards photography and this creative journey of crafting miniature things for the mice as therapeutic, having helped him keep depression in check. He says, “Photography gave me a reason to get up and out again and the mouse village gave me back my smile. I hope it gives others the same joy it gives me.”
It all started from Simon’s desire to protect a little mouse which he subsequently named George. He built a small log pile around a box, covering it with moss and straw to make a cosy shelter for George. Next, he installed wire fencing to keep the local cats away. As days went by, George invited some friends to move in, prompting Simon to add more hospitable homes to the mouse village. Piece by piece, the village came together, filling up with intricate details such as dining tables, art props, gardening tools, and even a tiny boat!
Simon takes pride in restoring recycled materials for a new purpose – building a miniature world for around twenty mice that he believes form two family groups. He confesses, “The only limit is my own imagination and skills at making the new buildings – as everything is made by hand from recycled bits of wood old logs or just about anything I can find in skips or the trash that could be given a new life.”

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