Hypnotherapy for Adults & Children


Halcyon are a team of highly experienced Anxiety & Depression specialists. 


Our Hypnotherapists work together as a team to ensure that our clients are offered the best choices for  Hypnotherapy treatment in Sheffield, Harley Street London and Online. 

Due to the current Covid-19 guidelines we are offering online therapy only. We will resume face to face sessions when then safety of our clients can be assured.


Individual, Couples, and Family Therapy


    Hypnotherapy works  with the subconscious part of your mind to help you regain control over your thoughts, your feelings, your mood and the way that you respond to situations. We can help you to process past experiences in a safe and natural way and to teach you how to deal with challenges in a positive pro-active way.

    Relationship Therapy

    You can visit us individually or as a couple to work through any psychological issues that may be effecting your relationship or simply to regain that loving passionate spark. If you are struggling to let go of a toxic partner or relationship, we can help you find closure and to rebuild your sense of self ready for moving on.

    Fears Phobias and Habits

    All behaviour is learned behaviour and as such they can be unlearned with a little guidance. Our therapists can work with you to help you stop smoking permanantly, to eliminate phobias such as fear of spiders and to help you deal with fears effectively.

    Child Therapy

    Children and Teenagers can respond in a hugely positive way to hypnotherapy sessions as they have great imaginations and work well with metaphors. We can help your young person to deal with confusing and complex feelings, experiences and emotions as well as teach them how to manage their mood so as not to become overwhelmed when facing challenges.

    Anxiety, Stress, and Depression

    Anxiety, stress and depression can all manifest in a vast number of ways. From physical and psychological symptoms, panic and fear to a generalised feeling of  “not being OK”. Our therapists can help you to process difficult past experiences, including childhood trauma and to cut emotional ties such as guilt, fear as well as shame and worthlessness and enable you to discover your strengths in order to build on them and to become the strongest most resilient version of yourself possible.

    Meet the founder of Halcyon


    “I have loved every moment of creating the Halcyon collective of therapists and I am incredibly proud of what we have achieved.”


    Charlotte Gill is the Owner and Senior Hypnotherapist at Halcyon. A Leading specialist in the field of Anxiety and Depression and licenced Harley Street Consultant, Charlotte offers a direct, clinical approach to therapy. 


    Committed to ongoing professional development Charlotte qualified as a Secondary Science teacher in 2011 before undertaking a Hypnotherapy career in 2014. She is an acknowledged GHR supervisor and CNHC registered as well as a being a member of the CRSST.


    Today Charlotte specialises in Anxiety & Depression for adults in all areas as well as being sought after for Teenager and Children’s issues particularly with barriers to learning and school anxiety.


    Charlotte has continued her passion researching different approaches to childhood trauma and anxiety therapies, she has trained in several modalities to enable her to help a wide variety of clients.


    New for 2020 Charlotte will be the first Harley Street Hypnotherapist to offer Steve Millers & Dr Sue Peacock’s Hypno Antidepressant Program and will be introducing  her own hypnotherapist training courses in 2021


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